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- We do not stop playing because we get old ... we get old because we stop playing -

Welcome to the Masters of Rugby League


Due to Covid uncertainty, a decision has been made to postpone our tournament to 2022. New dates for the tournament to be held in Queenstown: 9 - 15 October 2022. Further communication will follow soon.


The Masters of Rugby League Inc has been a wonderful success, with the goal of promoting fun football for the over 35's who no longer take part in serious competition. We have players up to 80 yrs old taking part and playing games in the spirit of having fun, promoting good will and sportsmanship, reliving old glories and bringing people back to football clubs with a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on.

The same applies to the referee ranks. It enables referees who may find the pace of the younger legs harder to keep up with and also get away from the constant pressures and demands of parents who are trying to get children to over achieve rather than take part. This enables them to referee a game without any criticism or abuse from the sideline, and our nil tolerance stance applies to spectators as well as players. Would you like to be involved in Masters Rugby but cannot play due to permanent injury or work commitments? You may be interested in becoming a Masters Referee. We need YOU!

We hold modules at various club grounds shared around by a roster system to enable all clubs have a turn. All proceeds go back to the club hosting. Our policy is that every team entering Masters must be affiliated to a league club so that all profits go back to the club and their junior development.